Where am I going, & what am I taking?

In 10 days I will be heading out to complete another 67 miles of the Appalachian Trail! I will begin at 441/Newfound Gap, and will finish at Hot Springs a few days later. After completing this section, I will then have a total of 273.9 continuos miles along the AT completed. Of course though, there are a few sections within this section that I have hiked multiple times, as well as the section between Iron Mtn Gap & US19E that I hiked in 2012 too. Hopefully, I will be able to pick up this 88 mile section between Hot Springs and Iron Mtn Gap on my next hike…. Continue reading

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First Look @ the Montbell Ex Light Anorak

P1040969As I mentioned in my last update, I was thinking about picking up the new Montbell Ex Light Down Anorak… and I did. As I mentioned, I have lost quite a bit of weight (45 lbs to be exact) and I found that my older UL Down Inner Parka, as well as my newer, Ex Light, were a bit baggier on me than I felt they should be (both in sizes XL). So, I bit the bullet, and picked up the new Ex Light Anorak in a size large, and put the other 2 pieces up for sale. (The UL Down Inner Parka has already sold, but the Ex Light is still available.) Continue reading

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Updates… & Stuff…

The days grow longer, yet time still remains the same… Continue reading

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July 2014 AT Section Hike: Winding Stair Gap to the NOC

P1040521Last weekend I met up with a few buddies, and set out for a much-needed weekend outdoors. We had planned to do a 28-ish mile section between Winding Stair Gap and the NOC (Nantahala Outdoor Center). Some of us had hiked either all, or some of this section, while others didn’t have any of it. And for one other, it was his second outing on the AT… so, we were all excited to be out there! Continue reading

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New Backcountry Meal: Cesar’s Pad Thai


I was recently watching a food video by Cesar (from Cesar and the Woods), and one of his meals intrigued me… his version of Pad Thai! Some time back, I posted about Matthew Kirk‘s fast-pack version of Pad Thai, which I have since eaten numerous times, and have really enjoyed. This is a tasty (to me) meal, which is easy to find all the ingredients for, and inexpensive at that. It packs a good amount of calories, and is quite easy to clean up after (which is important to me). So, when I saw Cesar’s version, I figured I had to try it… Continue reading

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Unboxing the Bushbuddy Trekker Ultra 004 Wood Stove

P1040191A few weeks ago (4 to be exact), I broke down and placed an order with the Nomadic Stove Company for the lightest Bushbuddy stove available, the Trekker Ultra 004. Without crossing hairs, I have used the Solo Stove for a while now, and found that I was really happy with the way the stove performed, as well as how clean and easy it was to use, however, I wasn’t too happy with the weight. So, I gave in and dropped $110 on the original, hand-made design, that weighs almost half of what the Solo Stove clocks in at! Continue reading

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