Butt In A Sling (BIAS) Weight Weenie Micro Hammock w/ Knotty Mod

P1050204I was recently talking with Shane from Butt In A Sling Hammock Gear, and he offered to send me one of their hammocks to give a try. When looking through the BIAS site,the Weight Weenie Micro jumped out at me simply because of the weight. Listed at only 6 oz (for the tarp, channel loops, & stuff sack only), this seemed likely to be one of the lightest weight hammocks on the market. However, just to be clear, this is not the bottom line… Of course, the suspension to actually hang the hammock will add some additional weight too. However, it seemed like a great starting place, so this is the one that I requested. Continue reading

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Watson’s Performance Long Sleeve Top & Long John Bottoms


I  recently received a pair of Watson’s Performance medium weight Long Sleeve Top, & Long John Bottoms, in the mail from Chateau Lingerie Mfg. Inc., in exchange for a review. I accepted these items with plans to use them as base layers for upcoming GoRuck challenges during the colder months. Continue reading

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Post Hike Gear Talk (Newfound Gap to Max Patch)


I recently headed out for a (much-needed) 4 day section hike along the Appalachian Trail. I covered 50 miles, starting at Newfound Gap in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, and finished on the beautiful bald called Max Patch. This hike was a bit different for me in that I actually added a few “luxury” items to my pack to increase my overall weight. I know, that’s weird, but I did so intentionally due to the GORUCK Challenge that I am preparing for in December. Continue reading

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October ’14 AT Section Hike (Newfound Gap to Max Patch)

P1050009Last Tuesday night I pulled up into the Newfound Gap parking area around 10 PM. My backpack was all packed up, propped up in the back seat. Beside that was a duffel bag with clean clothes for after my hike, and next to that, a blanket and a pillow. I had decided to simply sleep in my car that night, which would save money on a hotel room (especially since it would have only been for a mere 5 – 6 hour stay), and would easily allow me a bright and early start on my hike the next morning. Continue reading

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Why do I hike?


I hike to live, although, I don’t necessarily live to hike…

I hike to love, and yes, I do love to hike… but it’s not that simple… there’s so much to that…

I don’t really know all the reasons why I hike… I do know, though, that when I am not hiking, I find myself wishing I were… I fill a good deal of my time off the trail, playing with gear, altering gear lists, testing gear at home (or in the yard), and of course, I also find myself sifting through various online backpacking forums, backpacking blogs, and even outdoor stores! And I’m always thinking about that next trip… what do I need, what will the hike itself be like, etc… no matter how far off it may be… Continue reading

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Where am I going, & what am I taking?

In 10 days I will be heading out to complete another 67 miles of the Appalachian Trail! I will begin at 441/Newfound Gap, and will finish at Hot Springs a few days later. After completing this section, I will then have a total of 273.9 continuos miles along the AT completed. Of course though, there are a few sections within this section that I have hiked multiple times, as well as the section between Iron Mtn Gap & US19E that I hiked in 2012 too. Hopefully, I will be able to pick up this 88 mile section between Hot Springs and Iron Mtn Gap on my next hike…. Continue reading

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