AT Section Hike: Erwin, TN, to Sam’s Gap

Last weekend, my son and I started out on a different hike than what we thought… Continue reading

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“SUL” Hammock Gear List for 3.25 Day AT Section Hike

Next week my son and I will be hiking the 68 mile stretch of Appalachian Trail between Hot Springs, NC and Erwin, TN. We are planning to do this hike in 3.25 days, which means we will average 20 mpd the first 3 days, and will log the last 8 miles early on the 4th morning. Considering the faster than normal pace (for most folks), we have decided to keep our packs light… or “super ultralight” so that our hike is more enjoyable. Continue reading

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Quick Look @ the MLD Light Snow Gaiters

A couple of weeks ago I decided to pick up a pair of the Mountain Laurel Designs (MLD) Light Snow Gaiters. I figured that (for me) these would be a good addition to my ZPacks rain kilt for covering my lower body in less than ideal weather. Between the kilt and the gaiters, I get almost complete coverage, but still maintain a good bit of breathability. Continue reading

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2014 Montbell Down Hugger 800 #3 Sleeping Bag Review

Since getting my Montbell Down Hugger 800 #3 sleeping bag last year for my birthday, I have now used the bag about 12 nights total:

  • At home I have used the bag 4 nights: 3 outside in a tent, and 1 most of the night inside my house.
  • 1 night in the bunk house at the NOC
  • 3 nights on my hike from Newfound Gap/441 to Max Patch (inside a shelter each night)
  • 3 nights on my hike from Carver’s Gap to Dennis Cove Rd/Kincora Hostel (2 nights inside a shelter and 1 inside my ZPacks Hexamid & Hexanet)
  • 1 more night on my most recent hike from Iron Mtn Gap to Erwin, TN (under my MLD Duomid, tarp only).

Continue reading

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Exped SynMat UL7 Sleeping Pad Review

P1050931Yea, I am… a HUGE NeoAir fan. However, after a random night’s sleep on an older Exped SynMat 7 last July at the “Fontana Hilton” shelter, I found myself re-thinking the comfort level of the Exped pads… But not only comfort, Exped offers these pads in a size M (AKA: regular), but in a rectangular cut, which happens to be the size and shape I most prefer. So, after that hike, I came home and added one of the “UL” versions of this pad (in a size M) to my Pintrest wish list, which my wife ended up buying for me last Christmas (2014)! Continue reading

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Back 2 Back with Cesar: Thoughts on Section Hiking vs Thru Hiking

P1050797For the last few years now Cesar, from Cesar and the Woods, and I have been talking back and forth via email mostly, but also through comments on each of our blogs, or on our YouTube channels. Cesar is an ultra lightweight backpacker located in Sweden, so between our passion for the same activity (UL backpacking), yet the totally different locations, we have a lot to talk about and share. Some time ago, Cesar began doing some “Back 2 Back” YouTube videos in which he picked a topic to discuss, made a video with his thoughts, then asked another blogger/YouTuber to follow-up… He asked me about doing a series with him some time back, and we have finally gotten around to it! Continue reading

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