Awesome Backpacking Related Projects on Kickstarter…


There are currently a few different backpacking related Kickstarter projects taking place at this very moment… Some are nearing their end, whereas some have just been made live this very afternoon. So, I wanted to take a minute and share these with everyone. I personally find these projects interesting, from a backpacker’s point-of-view, and maybe you will too… Continue reading

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3 Days @ Savage Gulf!

P1030719So, last Friday, around 1 am, I couldn’t take it any longer! I had been tossing and turning almost since I had laid down around 9:30 the night before… I had planned on getting a few hours of sleep, then getting up around 2:30 am, showering, and climbing in my car to make the 3.5 hour drive to Savage Gulf, but it just didn’t happen that way… Instead, I got about 30 minutes of sleep somewhere in those few hours, and then couldn’t get back to sleep… So, as I was lying there at 1 am, I said “Forget it!” I got up, showered, and was in my car just before 2 am to begin my drive! Continue reading

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Gear for a 3 Day Backpacking Trip


This weekend I will be heading out for another fun-filled adventure… so I figured I had better pack a bag before it’s too late… But, let me begin by saying that I have chosen not to reveal the location of our hike just yet, so you will just have to wait until I get back to find out who exactly is going, and where it is that we will grace with our presence… Continue reading

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First Look @ the Renovo Trio Water Filter

P1030631A couple of weeks ago, Bastian from RenovoWater contacted me via email and asked me if I would be interested in checking out one of their new water filters, the Renovo Trio. After reading through the information provided on the RenovoWater web site, I was a bit intrigued by the water filter, however, to be honest, I was not so sure that I was going to be able to get any sort of review up on my blog about it. Bastian went ahead and sent a filter despite this, and it just so happens that the weather is crap today, so I figured I will try to get something up on it… Continue reading

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Overnight on the AT with the kiddo’s…

P1030616I had plans to do a loop in the Smokies this past weekend, but unfortunately, I had to back out of those plans just a few days before the hike. And even worse, I was already pumped up about getting to get out for another hike, so this left me pretty bummed. But, I got to thinking… and I thought of something… so, I talked with my kids… Continue reading

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Ruta Locura Carbon Fiber Lid

P1020099About a year ago, I finally decided to pull the trigger on a Ruta Locura carbon fiber lid… I had been eyeballing it for quite some time, but never felt that I had the right cook kit that I wanted to pair this particular lid up with… But then my wife went off and bought me the LiteTrail (v1) cook kit… It was when I first started playing around with this cook kit that the pieces kind of feel in place… Continue reading

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Book Review: Ultralight Survival Kit, by Justin Lichter (AKA: Trauma)

P1030384Justin Lichter (AKA: Trauma) has hiked over 35,000 miles since 2002. Besides this, he also ski’s, rides mountain bikes, swims, snowshoes, and just about anything else that he can think up that involves being outdoors. And when he’s not out playing, he can be found working as a ski patroller. So, it’s safe to say that Justin has a lot of outdoors experience under his belt, and he has decided to yet again share some of that info with us in his new book, “Ultralight Survival Kit.”  Continue reading

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Vertex Ultralight Backpacking Stove


A few weeks ago, Kevin Bailey contacted me via email about his new Vertex Ultralight Backpacking Stove, which he has created and is currently trying to bring to the market via Kickstarter. After checking out his video and reading though some of the info on his Kickstarter page, I was a bit interested. So, I gave him some of my immediate thoughts based on what I saw. I also told him that I would be interested in checking one out and using it personally, and could then provide him with some more feedback if he was interested. He said sure, and put one of his stoves in the mail for me! Continue reading

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Rock Gap to Deep Gap: Post Hike Gear Talk…

P1030198Last weekend I did my first section hike of the year. A few of us met up and hiked SOBO on the AT from Rock Gap to Deep Gap (NC). At only around 25 miles total, it wasn’t really a long hike,  but it gave me 3 days & nights in a range of weather conditions to use my gear… On many of my hikes I go on, I usually take a few new pieces of gear, however, on this hike, I only carried 1 piece of kit that I had never used. A few other things I had only used once or twice, but most of the items I carried on this hike were things that I have been using for a while… Continue reading

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First AT Section Hike of 2014: Rock Gap to Deep Gap


Last Thursday after getting off of work, I headed home and grabbed my pack and a few other things I had sitting by the door, and threw them in the car. After eating a little lunch, I topped off my gas tank, then headed east…

I was headed to my first AT section hike of the year, which would finally connect the dots between 2 longer sections of trail for me! After finishing this hike, I have now completed a continuous section of trail that stretches from Amicalola Falls State Park Visitor Center (the approach trail) to just past Icewater Springs Shelter in the Smokies, or about 220 miles! (All together, I have completed a little over 247 miles of the AT so far.) Granted, I have done a few sections between these points more than once (or even twice); as well, I even have some sections north of Icewater done too, but it is a good feeling knowing that such a large section is all connected now… Continue reading

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Suunto Core, 1 Year Thoughts…

P1030033In December of 2012, I bit the bullet and picked up a new Suunto Core watch, which I found discounted on eBay, so I jumped on it. These watches retail for $300, and even with a discount (I paid $240 total), it was still not an inexpensive purchase (at least in my opinion). Of course, once it showed up at my house, I did an unboxing video on it, which has been one of my most watched videos… Since doing this initial video, I have had a number of emails and comments about this watch, so I figured that now, after my first year, would be a good time to do a follow-up on it… Continue reading

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