Just an update

So, I am going back to the Dr this week. It has been about 5 weeks since my back surgery. I must say that I am feeling better, but still a little sore on occasion – depending on what I do the day before.

I have been walking some at the park, or at the gym on the treadmill. And the week before last I actually went on a 10.5 mile day hike at Big Hill Pond State Park (the TR can be read here).  I am hoping that I will be able to go on some more hikes in the next few weeks, and hopefully get some overnight trips in. I am looking forward to an easy day hike at Sipsey Wilderness with the kids in a few weekends, as well as a trip with some members from the Backpacker forums for an extended weekend trip.

Other than this, I have ordered a GoLite RS 1+ Season quilt. (This will be my first quilt.) I got it at a great price from Bent Gate Mountaineering. They have a pretty sweet sale going on right now that you should check out, as well as a nice inventory on Western Mountaineering sleeping bags as well as lots of other climbing / skiing/ backpacking gear. I am excited about the quilt. It is a 40 * quilt and weighs in at 27 oz (I got the long). It is GoLite’s first green product, so it is all made from 100% recycled polyester – even the stuff sacks. This should make a great summer quilt, and it will be nice carrying this lighter weight quilt than my heavier sleeping bag. Also, it compacts to the size of “a roll of Charmin” so this should free up some prime real estate inside my pack too!

I also ordered my wife and I a pair of Chaco’s. These are the first Chaco’s that either of us have owned. We tried some on at a retail store the other day, but the prices were even sweeter at the Bent Gate Mountaineering sale, so we ordered the sandals from them as well. We are both looking forward to these coming in, especially with the warmer weather moving in. The sandals as well as the quilt should be here Wednesday. It’s always fun to get new gear! I will be writing up some reviews here once I get them in and have a chance to feel them out a little bit.

I am also saving up to get the items on my AT Thru-Hike Gear List. The first item I will be purchasing (hopefully soon) will be the Marmot Helium 15* bag. I can’t wait!

So, anyway, till next time….

About Stick

My blog is essentially a record of my hiking career. Through it, I, and others, can see how I have evolved from a heavy weight backpacker, to a smarter, more efficient, lightweight backpacker. Through the use of video, still photos, and of course writing, one can see my progression, as well as check out some of the places I hike, and not to mention some cool, lightweight gear options. For me, my blog is a journal, but for others, I hope that it is an interactive learning tool to aid them in their own progression towards lightweight backpacking.
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