I pulled the trigger…

Therm-A-Rest NeoAir

After much debate, I finally pulled the trigger on the famed Therm-A-Rest NeoAir. I had been wanting one of course since they came out, but I really didn’t want to spend the money. Besides, as a fairly new backpacker still, I am still getting lots of things. I am finally in a position where I can start focusing on the bigger things now (since I didn’t do so to begin with…)

My feelings are pretty much the same as everyone else that has purchased this pad. Pumped about the light weight as well as the small packed size, however a little concerned about the durability and upset that this high-priced pad didn’t even come with a repair kit. I can deal with not having a stuff sack (actually I will make my own stuff sack from some scrap silnylon I have) but just as many others have already stated, it is a bummer that this thin-walled, air-filled pad, did not come with a repair kit. I understand that some praise the pads durability, stating that they treat the NeoAir exactly as they would their older more durable ProLites (I have even read that one person slept on the air pad with a pine cone underneath it and it did not puncture the pad), however I have also read that people have received them with tiny holes already in them. So, from what I gather, this pad is pretty much a hit or miss. (Gotta love that REI membership…)

I should receive the pad in a few days so I will definitely try it out at home a few times, and then I have plans to be in the Smokies again in a few weekends and I will get 2 outdoor nights on it then. So, I will be sure to report back with an initial review as well as on how this pad performs in the field. (I will move this to a new page under sleeping pads.)

About Stick

My blog is essentially a record of my hiking career. Through it, I, and others, can see how I have evolved from a heavy weight backpacker, to a smarter, more efficient, lightweight backpacker. Through the use of video, still photos, and of course writing, one can see my progression, as well as check out some of the places I hike, and not to mention some cool, lightweight gear options. For me, my blog is a journal, but for others, I hope that it is an interactive learning tool to aid them in their own progression towards lightweight backpacking.
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1 Response to I pulled the trigger…

  1. Billie Carol Poindexter Padziora says:

    Hey Chad, Stick…………… Glad to hear of your success with the gear. I was wondering how you faired. Looks like you saw some beautiful sights. I wish I could go with you, but not possible anymore, LOL but I can take a virtual vacation in the mountains when I read of your adventures and things you have gotten to make the trip easier. I know God watched over all of y’all. and I prayed for you too.
    So keep me posted, I am very interested……………. what a nephew! love and hugs and God bless and keep you always………. Auntie Billie and Uncle John


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