First Look: Photon Micro-Light II

After watching the video that Jason Klass did on his “Sundries Kit” a while back, I decided to make a “Ditty Bag” of my own, of course modeled after his Sundries Kit… So, a few weeks ago I decided to pick up a missing piece using my REI dividend, the Photon Micro-Light II. Here are a few different reasons I went with this little light…

  • Weight: Mine weighs 9 g (0.4 oz), but after removing the metal clasp it now weighs 7 g (o.2 oz)!
  • Batteries: Replaceable! I don’t have to throw the unit away when the batteries die, just simply pick up a few more at the local store.
  • Use: This thing is easy to use. Simply push and hold down the large button, or flip the small switch on or off. (Caveat: The on/off switch is quite small.)
  • Illumination: This is where this light really shines, quite literally…

So anyway, here is a little video in which I show the light off a little…

About Stick

My blog is essentially a record of my hiking career. Through it, I, and others, can see how I have evolved from a heavy weight backpacker, to a smarter, more efficient, lightweight backpacker. Through the use of video, still photos, and of course writing, one can see my progression, as well as check out some of the places I hike, and not to mention some cool, lightweight gear options. For me, my blog is a journal, but for others, I hope that it is an interactive learning tool to aid them in their own progression towards lightweight backpacking.
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1 Response to First Look: Photon Micro-Light II

  1. Patrick says:

    Just wandering if you know if this one burns brighter than the Photon X-Light Micro?


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