GooseFeet Gear Custom Down Pants

For about the past 2 years I have been tossing around a few different pair of down pants around in my head… I liked certain features on some, and was a fan of certain brands on others, but once I finally had the money in hand, I could only go with one pair. So, after much debate, I decided on the GooseFeet Gear Down Pants.

Here’s why:

  • Custom fit. The other down pants I also considered are available in the traditional sizes that most of us are probably used to (“Small, Medium, Large and X-Large). This is not so with GooseFeet Gear. Instead, before adding these pants to my online shopping cart I had to grab a tape measure and get to measuring!  Ben makes these pants to  custom fit each one of us by entering in our own specific hip, waist, inseam, thigh and calf measurements before placing the order. This means no crossing my fingers hoping that I ordered the right size! (Let’s face it, finding out items such as these just don’t fit us the way we need them to is a huge bummer, so this custom sizing is a very important and welcome option.)
  • Options! Getting these pants custom fit is just one option, but there are more options than just this! I was also able to choose what material I wanted to use as the inner and outer shell from 4 different on-hand materials (I believe that the stock is M90, as well as M50, 10D (AKA: 8D or Nobul) or Pertex Quantum). I could then choose if I wanted a sewn-through construction or a baffled construction, as well as how much of the 850+ down fill I wanted in those chambers (anywhere between 2.5 to 8.5 oz in 0.5 oz increments). The last option is whether or not to add a full-length side zipper to the pants.
  • Price. The base price on these pants are $150, then the price is adjusted accordingly based on the which options are added to the pants. (When adding the options that I wanted in these pants, these pants were the same price as the others I considered.)
  • Weight. Ben lists 7.5 oz on his site for the weight of these pants, however, I am not sure what options are included, which materials are used, the amount of down fill or the size of the pants that this weight represents. So, I called Ben and told him my size and what I wanted in the pants. By the time the conversation was over I was anticipating a sub 6.5 oz pair of pants, which is less than the weights of the other down pants I considered!

So, for me, when I considered the information above, I knew that I wanted these GooseFeet Gear down pants over the other down pants I considered. So, I ordered them!

It took right around 2 weeks for the pants to arrive at my door once I placed the order, which worked out great since I was leaving on a trip about 3 days after they arrived! (However, I did request them before a certain date so I could use them on this trip.)

Once the pants arrived, I tore into the box (carefully, of course). When I pulled them out I went over them to make sure that they were what I wanted and then tried them on. Dare I say, perfect?

So, here are the options that I choose (and why), as well as some more detailed specs of my particular pants:

  • Fit. Basically, I wanted a pair of pants with a 36″ waist and a 32″ inseam. After plugging my measurements into the little boxes on the order screen, and now that I have them in-hand, I gotta admit, they fit me good (as expected). They are what I would consider a bit of a relaxed fit in the seat area and as they go towards my ankles, they seem to taper slightly, naturally following the contour of my legs. They are roomy enough so that I can easily wear a thicker pair of long underwear bottom’s beneath them, which I may eventually do in colder weather. As far as features, there is a simple flat elastic cord with a cinch lock to easily secure them around my waist. As well, these pants also feature elastic ankle cuffs to help keep drafts from sneaking in.
  • Shell Material. I chose to go with the 10D (or Nobul) as my shell options. I went with a gray Nobul 1 (0.67 oz/sqyd) as the inner and black Nobul 2 (0.76 oz/sqyd) as the outer. I wanted this material due to both the soft hand, (so that it feels great next-to-skin) as well as the light weight. However, IIRC, there has been some talk in the past that “8D” was not very down proof, but according to the Titanium Goat website (which is where this material is sourced from), the cire finish on this material does indeed render it down proof.
  • Down Fill. I opted for 3.5 oz of down fill in my pants (the price is the same for 2.5, 3 or 3.5 oz of down fill). I admit, I could have went with the 2.5 oz of down fill and saved an oz in overall weight, but I decided I wanted a little extra warmth (and besides, I already cut some weight by going with the 10D material!) However, I was really excited that I could add in the extra down fill, and this option also made these pants more ideal to me over the other down pants I considered, each of which uses only 2 oz of down fill.
  • Weight. The weight of these pants are 6.2 oz on my home scales, and in my opinion, this is the icing on the cake! These pants have almost twice the amount of down as the other pants I considered, yet weigh less than the “average listed weight” on them. As well, these pants are 1.8 oz lighter than the fleece long-bottom pants I was using, not to mention way less bulky.
  • Price. Last but not least, these pants cost me $160, delivered to my door! This is the same price (+/- depending on individual sites) as the other down pants I considered. However, considering the above information, I feel like these pants offer more bang-for-the-buck than the others!

Here is a video in which I talk more about the pants and show them off a little:

So far, I am really happy with these pants. I turned them inside out when they arrived and I found the stitching to be uniform with no loose stitching. As I mentioned, they fit me as I would expect them too, and the material is indeed very soft against my skin. And if you can’t tell that I am very excited about the overall weight…well, I AM! All-in-all, I am very stoked about these pants! As I said, these are my first down pants, and I am afraid that now, thanks to these GooseFeet Gear down pants, the bar on down pants have been set extremely high for me…so now I can only hope that they will have a long life so that I don’t have to measure any others up to these…

I look forward to using these pants (along with a few other pieces of down garments) this winter to supplement my sleeping system and maybe pushing some of my warmer rated sleeping quilts just a little lower than normal. As I mentioned above, I received these in time for a hike I had planned in the Roan Highlands, so I happily packed them up. On this trip we experienced temperatures as low as 36 F, plus a wind chill. I found that while wearing these I was ok to around 40 F before I felt like I needed to pull the quilt over me. (I talk a little bit more in detail about the entire sleeping set-up that I used here.)

So, in a few words: Great fit, comfortable, warm and light. What more do I need?


Disclaimer: I purchased these down pants at full price, using my own money that I worked hard for. I have no affiliation with GooseFeet Gear and am under no obligation to “review” these pants. However, I am super excited about my first pair of down pants, so of course I am going to write about them… The statements within this post are my own opinions. I do not expect everyone else’s opinions to match mine, so take this write-up for what it is, my opinion. 

Thanks for reading!

About Stick

My blog is essentially a record of my hiking career. Through it, I, and others, can see how I have evolved from a heavy weight backpacker, to a smarter, more efficient, lightweight backpacker. Through the use of video, still photos, and of course writing, one can see my progression, as well as check out some of the places I hike, and not to mention some cool, lightweight gear options. For me, my blog is a journal, but for others, I hope that it is an interactive learning tool to aid them in their own progression towards lightweight backpacking.
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23 Responses to GooseFeet Gear Custom Down Pants

  1. Scott McDonald says:

    About to place an order with Ben, was going to go with 20d shell and 10d liner. Do you ever with you had gone with a more durable shell? Basically just for around camp use and to bump the temp rating of my 30deg Katabatic Flex quilt for fall use in the Sierra?


    • Stick says:


      I have mixed feelings about it. But, if I were to order again today, I would likely go with the same 10D for the inner/outer. Something that I have thought off too is similar to how Western Mountaineering makes theirs, with a reinforced seat… so maybe get him to do the butt area in 20D and the rest in 10D… But I still wear my rain pants over my pants while at camp, so that pretty much saves the material from any damage.



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  6. VTMikeMike says:

    Brother – it’s 2015 now and I’m looking for some down pants. Do you still recommend these? How have they held up?


    • Stick says:

      Yes, I still very much recommend these pants! And mine is holding up well. They are actually packed up at this moment to carry with me for a 4 day hike starting tomorrow!

      The only thing I would recommend is to go with all black material. The gray material I used on the inside is not as down proof as I would like, but to be fair, it isn’t so bad that I am worried about it to the point of needing to replace them. However, 3.5 oz of down, custom fit, your choice of materials for ~ $160, heck yeah I recommend them!



  7. vince says:


    Why would people rather purchase another 0* or 10* quilt/bag when they could simply take their 3-season 30* quilt/bag and add the down pants/booties to make it a 4-season setup?

    Wouldn’t this cost a lot less? (e.g. 30*F quilt = $350 + $170 down pants = $520, which is less than $350 + $410 (10* zpacks bag) = $760)?


  8. JearBear says:

    Have you checked out Borah Gear’s down pants? The cuben fiber option weighs less than 5 ounces


    • Stick says:


      Yeah, I noticed he started making down pants a while back, but honestly haven’t really spent much time looking at them. However, you prompted me to look a little more.

      They look nice, and based on my previous interactions with John, I imagine that they will be pretty nice pants. They look to be about on par with the GFG pants, however, I will say that I think the GFG pants are a bit more customized. Ben requires a number of measurements when ordering down pants from him, other than just a general S, M & L sizing and a specific inseam.

      But, just guessing, I would likely require a large with a 32″ inseam, and would have to add an extra 0.5 oz of down to have the same amount as in my GFG pants. I figure that this would likely put the pants up to the same weight as what I have now.

      As for cuben pants, I can’t do it, and I wouldn’t recommend it to others unless they live in an area in which a VBL would be beneficial, and that the person knows how to use a VBL with the rest of their layers successfully.

      I have actually been able to try on a pair of GFG down pants made from cuben and it was interesting….

      Anyway, if you are in the market, I figure either would be a good bet for you, but I still gotta lean towards GFG simply because of the custom fit…

      Also, I am bringing mine on our trip so you can check them out if you want…



    • JearBear says:

      Ok cool! If they are ready in time, John has asked me to review a pair so I might be able to bring a pair and compare them. That would help with my review of them to have a good comparison.


    • Stick says:

      Cool, I am just hoping that the temps drop enough to need them… 🙂


  9. Stick, do you use these solely for sleeping or use only in your tent? If so, what do you wear around camp in the cold evenings?


    • Stick says:


      They are for use at camp and in bed. Usually I will slide my DriDucks rain pants over them while walking around camp before tucking myself in. The DriDucks help protect them and keep them clean.



  10. Steve says:

    Supporting the little guy is what is all about considering the economy in this country nowadays. I love your spirit Stick. I make the alcohol stove kits for a passionate reason to support everyone on the trail. I am not getting rich…I am being self satisfied producing a product fairly and equal to no one from a foreign country in quality and performance.


  11. Steve says:

    As always a great video. I do appreciate the information on the down pants. I spend a lot of time outside in the cold whether hiking or sitting around the campfire. It sure helps to be comfortable wearing lightweight warm clothing such as the down. I have an excellent down jacket made by North Face and a down pair of pants would compliment the jacket. Thanks for the info.


    • Stick says:


      If you are in the market for some down pants, I highly recommend Ben’s. I love that they can be made to fit, and that you can choose so many different features. Plus, the price is the same as other commercially available down pants… Not to mention, you are supporting the little guy! Really though, Ben is a great guy, and IMO he make a great product. Just my $0.02



  12. Jayme Kohler says:

    I’m pulling the trigger on these. I’ll keep you posted…


  13. Phil says:

    Great write up! I also have been looking for a pair of down pants for some winter outings this year. I looked at the Flash pants and also the mont Bell but had not even looked at Goose Feet for an option but they seem like a no brainer. Thanks for shareing. Going to have to get a pair of these for myself now.


    • Stick says:


      Those are the same pants I looked at, and don’t get me wrong, I think that those would be great pants. I love all of my other MB items and I feel pretty certain that I would have also been happy with the WM pants… however, when comparing them with the GF pants, and then after talking with Ben, I felt like the GF pants were the direction I wanted to go in. And all i can say is that I am very happy with them so far.

      Anyway, good luck with your decision! And thanks for stopping by.



  14. Steve says:

    Your are so right. I have bought the pants in large or extra large and I always have to take them to a seamstress…so frustrating and more costly.


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