Rhino Laces: First Look & Give Away!

P1040136I first came across Rhino Laces on Brian’s Backpacking Blog. There was actually a Kickstarter project going on for it, but unfortunately, I didn’t get in on it at the time. Since then they have slipped my mind, however, I was recently reminded of them when I got an email from a lady named Melinda who works with the folks making the Rhino Laces.

She was curious if I would be interested in giving a pair of these “unbreakable” laces away to one of my readers here on my blog. Of course I was! But, before I did so, I really wanted to put my hands on a pair…

So, I followed the link in her email to the official Rhino Laces site, and I immediately noticed a timed banner floating at the top of the page, ticking down from 10 minutes… but for what? By the time I realized that this was a 50% off deal ticking away, I was already a few seconds into it. I quickly reviewed the site and found that I needed to know the size/length of the laces I needed, so I set the computer down and went to dig my Inov-8 RocLite 243’s out of the closet! (So, take note everyone…be ready!)

By the time I got back, the timer had almost run out. So, instead of ripping the laces out, I took a wild guess and added the “M” (62″  8 – 12 eyelets) in “Reflective Red” to my cart, then quickly checked out. After completing the checkout, I did remove one of the laces from my RocLite’s and found that it only measured 47″ long… so, I emailed Melinda back and explained to her the situation and asked if she could change my order to the size “S” (52″  6 – 10 eyelets). Luckily, she quickly returned my email and informed me that she would indeed change my order. And then, last weekend, they showed up in my mailbox!


So, what is so special about these laces?

These laces were created by Justin & Adam, whom are both wild land firefighters, that were tired of all the other laces they tried breaking, when they needed them to hold up. So, they created the Rhino Laces, and have guaranteed them never to break. They are described as being “the only unbreakable laces on the planet,” and cannot be “burned, cut, sawed, chopped, or destroyed,” whether you’re “fighting a fire, a war, an animal, a ZOMBIE, or just the elements.” (Be sure to check out the video on their Kickstarter page, linked above, to see how tough they really are!)

Simply put, these laces are built to be tough, and the last pair of laces one needs!

At the moment, the Rhino Laces are offered in 4 different colors, and in 9 different lengths. Since the Rhino Laces can’t be melted, they have “gun-metal lace tips” which allow the laces to easily be passed through the eyes of a shoe/boot. As well, the laces also come with a pair of lace locks to use as an alternative to tying them.

As expected, the Rhino Laces are quite stiff, which have made tying them a little tough, or at least holding a knot a little tough. Due to this though, I am glad that these laces ended up being several inches longer than my stock laces, as this allows me to tie them a little easier.  Of course these come with the plastic lace locks, however, I am not so sure if I will use them. Even if I do, I will need to decide what to do with the end of the laces sticking out of them… Regardless, I am excited to give them a try to see how they hold up after some use…

Anyway, I started this post out by saying that Melinda from Rhino Laces has offered to provide a pair of laces for free to one of my readers. So, here is how to enter to win:

  • ON THIS POST ONLY (not on my blogs FB page, on Twitter, on Instagram, or anywhere else that this may be shared) leave a comment with your most creative/alternative use for the Rhino Laces (other than in your shoes).
  • On Sunday, June 15th, at 5:00 PM (CST) I will choose what I (and probably my children) find to be the most interesting use for these laces that the readers submit.
  • I will notify the winner via email and request the size/length, and color of the laces that they will need, along with a shipping address, which I will pass along to Melinda, who will ship the laces out to you.

So, let me say thanks to the folks at Rhino Laces for offering these laces for the give away, and good luck to everyone entering!

Thanks for stopping by!


Disclaimer: I paid for the Rhino Laces that I have in my possession with my own money, although, I did take advantage of the timed 50% off discount that is available to everyone when they go to the Rhino Laces website. The folks at Rhino Laces are providing the pair for a give away for free to the winner at no cost to me. I am not being paid or compensated, nor have any obligation to write this review. The statements within this post is of my own opinion, which I formed after handling the laces.




About Stick

My blog is essentially a record of my hiking career. Through it, I, and others, can see how I have evolved from a heavy weight backpacker, to a smarter, more efficient, lightweight backpacker. Through the use of video, still photos, and of course writing, one can see my progression, as well as check out some of the places I hike, and not to mention some cool, lightweight gear options. For me, my blog is a journal, but for others, I hope that it is an interactive learning tool to aid them in their own progression towards lightweight backpacking.
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33 Responses to Rhino Laces: First Look & Give Away!

  1. tom says:

    To replace my roll of webbing I carry in my turnouts, for your brothers to help you out of basement windows. Course I’ll need about 20 foot of it. Just the laces would replace my kevlar ones in my wildland boots. Stay Safe.


  2. Max Carbajal says:

    What if you tie a bunch of them and make and indestructible sweater?


  3. As a garrote when I have to go full ninja and take out an enemy guard to gain entrance to the castle and save the princess. What other use could there possibly be?


  4. Cody Detterer says:

    Extra ties for my pack. And very likely use it to tie up my Hammock, Because Im always forgetting my straps, because hopefully I dont forget my shoes!


  5. Jim... says:

    Looks like a really durable product but… I checked the website and honestly… they are just too expensive for me. I use 550 paracord for my boot laces and replace when need for about 25 cents each and since I wax my laces, they last a really long time so wear is no real issue for me and I’ve never had one break.


  6. Jason Meadors says:

    I would replace the wire bale on my pot. this will allow me to fit it in my pack and possibly shave a few grams.


  7. joemedlinJoe says:

    Carry a pair rubberized sole of some kind (wouldn’t take up much room or weight) with a few strategically placed holes in them and use these laces to construct sandals (as camp shoes or even trail/water sandals).


  8. John says:

    Since they cannot be burned, they could be used to hang a pot or food over a fire.


  9. Bob Bailey says:

    Fish Stringer


  10. Rudy says:

    Use two small zip ties and attach them to my sunglasses to hang my sunglasses around my neck.


  11. arthurvino says:

    Those laces could be used for just about anything:
    550 cord replacement, tent guy-outs, repairs, hanging stuff, etc..


  12. Kyle Peck says:

    Top 10 most interesting dual purpose ideas for Rhino Laces (obviously using them as bad-A laces is a given:)
    10. Tie them around your wrist to pull off the rock star look.
    9. Use them for a serpentine belt when your 4×4 breaks down at the trail head.
    8. Suture your leg up after a bear attack.
    7. Use the other lace to hog tie the bear.
    6. Rescue Timmy from the well.
    5. Lasso a dolphin and go waterskiing.
    4. Crochet a pot holder in camp.
    3. Weave a dream catcher that’s guaranteed to catch dreams.
    2. Use a stick of chewing gum, some duct tape and rhino laces to fashion a compass if lost.
    1. Pickup women just by telling them “my aglets are made of gunmetal because I like the way they feel in my hand.”


  13. Gordon says:

    Lighten my load and use these to pull up my bear bag! A bear couldn’t cut them or eat them down!!!


  14. Sounds like I could remove my compression bag for clothing from my pack and use these guys as internal compression straps..


  15. jay says:

    Weave into a watch band.


  16. Chad Ashton says:

    Hog tie a criminal when I run out of handcuffs after cuffing his buddies.


  17. James says:

    For all the wonderful uses listed you need a place to store that ‘extra’ set of unbreakable laces…just in case…I think a rhino hatchet sheath made from a pair laces would be cool!


  18. Mike (Black Foot) says:

    A good pair of shoe laces can be useful in a survival situation, for example to make a fishing line, to tie sticks together for a splint , to make a fire with the bow and drill method, to make traps, to construct a shelter, and many more


  19. ighwoman says:

    Meh… I would use them as laces on the next 17 pairs of New Balance MT1010 trail shoes I use.


  20. Mike says:

    a) Dental floss for dinosaurs
    b) A family heirloom
    c) For those times you are hangin by a thread


  21. Justin says:

    Tie two of them together for a trail jump rope?


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  23. JohnBoy says:

    Ultrlight dental kit for pulling teeth. Attach one end of an unbreakable lace to your bad tooth, and the other to a moose. A quick crack with your trekking pole and hang on !


  24. Austin says:

    String a few hundred together and use the line for climbing. That’s a good idea, right?


  25. Charlotte says:

    Fishing line to catch fish or a cat toy! Sorry about typo.


    • Charlotte says:

      Since they don’t burn..you could use them to tie your hot dog onto….then hold onto the other end..dangle your hotdog over your campfire..and roast it.


  26. Bentbrook says:

    Chad, two obvious uses come to mind. Imagine MacGyver in bear country: string a few Rhinos together and he’d have the ultimate cordage for bear-bagging juicy steaks. Or, if you’re a Pokémon trainer, a Rhino leash helps keep your impish Chimchar under control when you’re backpacking along knife-edge ridges. 😉


  27. tollermom says:

    I could macrame several together to make a hammock. Thanks for the contest Stick.


  28. Flash aka Brian says:

    i would have to say the most interesting other use for shoelaces was in that Bond movie (For Your Eyes Only) where Bond was hanging from a climbing rope far down a cliff and took his laces out to make Prusiks to inch his way to safety. Hey, you said interesting, not likely. :)


  29. I would use the rhino laces tied up in the overhanging branch of a tree with a hook and a bait on the other end over a river or lake and catch a giant catfish to have for supper that night…YUMMY…


  30. Allen Bishop says:

    Since they are indestructible use them for mouse hangers in a shelter. Thanks for your honest reviews Stick.


  31. jordan says:

    I would use one for a tie up for my wool blanket and the other in a med kit for a turner kit tie


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