Long-Term Review: ZebraLight H51


Since purchasing my ZebraLight H51 back in February 2012, I have happily used this light on every hike I have been on, not to mention car camping trips, use around the house as well as in the car, and even some reading at night. When I first decided to buy this light, I’ll admit that I was taken back a bit due to the $64 price tag, however, now that I have put this light to a lot of good use over the past 4 years & 8 months, I can honestly say that I have found that this light was worth every penny!

I am not going to go over all the details/specs of this light, I did that to some degree in this post back in 2012, but I do want to highlight some of the features and aspects that I really enjoy about this light. First though, I would like to also say that I am not all that educated about flashlight circuitry, or in their power sources. I have made myself vaguely familiar with a couple of terms, but in the end, it’s the basics that I am concerned about. That is what I want to point out in this long-term review.

As for use, I cannot guess how many hours I have actually used it to date. As I already mentioned, I have used it on all of my backpacking trips since I initially purchased the light, not to mention lots of other times that was not spent backpacking. All I can say is I have used it as what I would describe as “a lot.” So, between my use with it over nearly 5 years, the questions and comments I still receive about it, as well as the discussions I see around the net and other various social networking sites, I figured it was time for me to present my longer term report on what I now consider one of my most (if not THE most) permanent pieces of my backpacking kit – my Zebralight H51!


In a nut shell, this is the best way I can describe this light:

Since I bought this light, I have never desired any other light to replace it.

Some may understand the depth of the above statement. As somewhat of a gear nut, that is a bold statement. There have been quite a few other items that I have been through, which I really enjoyed using, but in the end, they got replaced. Since owning my ZebraLight H51, I haven’t even cut eyes at any other light… well, not with the feeling of “needing” to buy it, even just to try it out or play with it. My ZebraLight H51 has met all of my own personal needs, and expectations of a torch, to light up my life, whether in the backcountry, or in my own home.

So, a few reasons I like this light so much:

  1. Price. I figure I will start with price since it’s where I started out with the light. As I mentioned, I paid $64 for this light when I purchased it. (Worth noting here is that it was not discounted to me. I paid full price for this headlamp, as a regular customer… and at this point, can’t even remember from which online store I picked it up from.) When I purchased it I was originally looking at a Fenix LD01, which at the time was around $39 IIRC, and I even felt that was expensive… sot that can kind of shed some light on just how expensive I felt the ZebraLight was. Now though, as I said, after using it for several years I have no regrets about buying this light, and actually feel that it was well worth the money spent! As well, since buying this headlamp, I have noticed several other headlights in the same price range, with some even much more expensive. With that said, I now feel like the ~$65 – $70 price range for my ZebraLight was very fair, and actually a bargain. It really is a lot of light…
  2. Enlightenment. A flashlight is meant to light things up, and for me, this one does that, and well. There are 6 different brightness settings (2 low, 2 medium & 2 high settings), as well as a strobe setting. In general, I typically use the lowest low setting (0.2 lumens) for reading at night, whether in my tent or at home. For shuffling around camp, especially when near a campfire, or in my tent, the high low setting (2.5 lumens) is what I generally use. If I am doing any hiking in the dark, I typically use one of the medium settings (8 or 30 lumens), and for such things as throwing a late bear line, or if I just really want to light up camp, I then use the high settings (100 or 200 lumens). I have found that this light has an appropriate setting for every situation I have thus far found myself in. Other lights I have used in the past were either way too bright, or way too dim, or simply just didn’t have enough different settings to choose from and just weren’t all that enjoyable to use. Of course there are lights which can easily adjust their brightness levels by holding down a button, but I never used one of these.
  3. Function. This light houses a single button to cycle though the settings. Admittedly, when I first got the light, it took a few minutes to get the hang of it, but since then I have had no issues remembering how to work it. A quick click automatically turns the light on to its highest setting while a solid press will turn the light on to its lowest setting. To cycle between low, medium & high, I simply hold the button in and release it when the particular cycle that I need comes about. Once on the setting of my choice I can then choose between it’s low or high setting by double clicking the button. (As a side note, which ever setting I choose (low or high) while on low, medium or high will be remembered the next time I cycle through. For example, if I choose the 0.2 lumen setting on low, whenever I turn the light back on, or simply cycle through, it will still be in the 0.2 lumen setting.) As for the button, the ZebraLight site stated a 200,000 cycle operating life. I am sure I am nowhere near that many clicks, although I am quite confident that I have clicked that little button a number of thousands of times, and it’s still solid. The “click” is still very evident when pressed, both by sound and by feel.
  4. Weight. As a “UL” backpacker, it’s easy for me to want to say that this reason should be higher up on the list, however, IME, I found that when it comes to lights, weight is not all there is to consider (I’m looking at you e+Lite, lol). One dark night while unexpectedly trying to hike out of camp I learned that if the light won’t perform like I need it too, then it is just dead weight (even if it is only an oz!) However, my ZebraLight checks off all the right boxes for lighting my way, so now I can think about weight… And surprisingly, the set-up I have with my ZebraLight comes in at 1.99 oz (ok, lets just say 2 oz)! In my honest opinion, this is the best bang for me. With what this light offers, 2 oz is more than acceptable…
  5. Durability. I am not generally hard on my lights so this is not really super important, but I wanted to include my thoughts on it. This light has been cut from an aluminum bar stock, which means it is one solid piece, and it has been anodized to increase its overall strength and its resistance to wear. As I mentioned, this is really overkill on my end, but it is comforting to know that it is one tough light and  that I really just don’t need to worry about it holding up. And when compared to my previous lights, generally made of plastic, there is just no comparison.
  6. Batteries. This is one of my favorite features of this light. First off, it uses a AA battery, whether it be alkaline, lithium or rechargeable. (My choice is lithium due to the fact that they last longer and perform better in cold weather than the other options, not to mention they are considerably lighter weight too.) I also prefer to use AA batteries over other options simply because AA batteries are very easy to come across, whether at random gas stations, or in another electronic device I may be carrying, or another hiker may even have one. What is even better though, is that this headlamp only requires 1 battery! This means that replacing the battery is super easy to do when needed, even in the dark (which I have never had to do, whereas, I have found myself struggling to change batteries in another headlamp which was also a PITA to open, and then try to figure out the correct polarity of not 1, but 3 different batteries!)
  7. Battery life. I could have included this with the previous reason, but wanted to set it apart. Battery life is dependent on battery, conditions the light is used in, and amount of time used in each setting. Due to this, it is a bit hard to really nail down that the light will last “x” amount of hours with “x” battery when it comes to real world use… there’s just too many variables to factor in. Saying that, I have used this headlamp in temperatures ranging from 6F to nearly 100F, with the most common temps probably being anywhere from 40 – 80 F. As I mentioned above, I do choose to use a Lithium battery because of the higher energy capacity, better performance in extreme weather conditions, and of course light weight. Admittedly, the majority of my use with this headlamp is on the low or medium settings, and while I don’t just leave the light on for no reason, I also do not try to “spare” battery life by only using the light when absolutely necessary. Given my typical use I have never had to change the battery out while in the field, with my longest trip being 7 days. However, I do make sure to check the light before heading out the door for a trip, and as long as the high setting still comes on, then I don’t worry about changing the battery at that time. If the high setting does not come on though, I do go ahead and change the battery out then, before heading out. This doesn’t happen often though…
  8. Waterproof. The ZebraLight H51 has a waterproof rating of IPX8, or good down to a depth of 2 meters (~6.5 feet) for up to 30 minutes. I will never take this light diving, however, it is good to know that I don’t have to worry about the light getting rained on when I wear it, or if I ever happened to take an accidental dunk in a stream or in a lake, then the headlamp will be fine.


So, those are the reasons that I love this headlamp so much, and why it continues to be such a permanent part of my backpacking kit. When I bought it, the price was a bit hard for me to swallow, but once it was in my hands, I did feel a little better about it. But now, almost 5 years later, I am more than confident that I put that $64 in the right place. Honestly, for me, this light just works. So it’s not wonder that when some ask me if it’s worth the money, that I whole-heartedly say: “YES!”

Does that mean the headlamp is perfect? Not exactly. I hate to leave this review with nary a bad word to say about the light. After all, nothing is perfect, and there is one little nit-pick I have with this light… Although, it is more a reflection of my particular selection than the actual light itself. My version features a cool white light. If I could go back and do it again, I would still choose this exact light, but I would have opted for the version which features a neutral colored light. When turned on high, the cool white light makes things look like they are glowing just a bit and are a little unnatural looking. It’s not necessarily a “bad” thing, and it is what it is described to be, so it’s not a defect, so it’s just my personal preference. I would prefer that the expelled lighting to present more of a natural look, rather than a super bright, glowing look. Again though, this does not take away from the light itself, it’s just a personal preference I didn’t realize until after I bought the light…

So there ya have it. This is the longest term review I have ever written, and there is good reason. This light is so awesome, which is why it has actually stuck with me for so long. There are some other items I would like to eventually write up a bit of a longer term look at, but none that I have had and used for quite so long as this light.

So, if you are looking for a good light, I highly suggest checking out one of the offerings from ZebraLight. They do not offer the H51 any longer, the H52 took it place a couple of years back I believe, and that is the one I would suggest looking at. However, there are other options too, which use different battery types (CR2032, 18650, etc…) if you prefer something a bit different.


Disclaimer: I paid for this light with my own money. I have no affiliations with ZebraLight or any other company that represents this light. This review is a reflection of my own thoughts, which I formed myself after personally using the light.

About Stick

My blog is essentially a record of my hiking career. Through it, I, and others, can see how I have evolved from a heavy weight backpacker, to a smarter, more efficient, lightweight backpacker. Through the use of video, still photos, and of course writing, one can see my progression, as well as check out some of the places I hike, and not to mention some cool, lightweight gear options. For me, my blog is a journal, but for others, I hope that it is an interactive learning tool to aid them in their own progression towards lightweight backpacking.
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12 Responses to Long-Term Review: ZebraLight H51

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  2. Mark Alan Hall says:

    I have owned 3 different model zebralights . And given about 5 as presents ..recently my flood AA version died .a yr or 2 ago i discoverd this www site countycomm and became friendly with the owner ..thru sending him a link and pictures of a zebral light flood ..and low and behold this unit was born
    It is fantastic light built very well for 1/2 the zebralight …and has a newer more energy efficeint or so it seems led …i use a zebralight headband ..and voila my new favourite light ..now the owner did gift this to me …but ..im pretty fussy and have gone thru lights that just died or didnt quite do the same job …i use it to work on evrything from stereo installation to ..fixing plumbing to …well you name it ..i enjoy seeing what the heck im doing ..and nothing beats a wide spot free beam ..mounted to your brain ..
    Im in Ireland for Xmas and used it and my uncle commented on it so i gave it to him to replace a zebralight i gave him 4 yrs ago a cr123 model ..it looks like it did when i took it out of the package for him ….i like your blog and im also a fan of cuben fiber ..zero stuff ..have a bunch of stuff sacks and a day pack that went to india ..for 4 weeks and was a life saver as i became the sherpa for 4 peoples stuff .. your totally honest in your opinions of products ..which is really nice ..mark Hall


    • Stick says:

      Thanks for stopping by Mark, and providing another option to the ZebraLight. Like you, I use mine for all sorts of things. I keep it on the nightstand so I don’t have to dig through my gear closest every time I need to use it. I love it. Although, so far, in the 5 years that I have had it, it has never once even acted like it was having any sort of issues, and while I wouldn’t say I baby it, I am not super hard on it either. It has been dropped a few times, but other than that, nothing that would have caused any damage to it. Just curious, what happened with yours so that it actually died?



    • Mark Alan Hall says:

      I have the early early version with no switch ..in a darker green anodazation ..you just screwed in the bottom battery cover ..to cycle thru levels ….and it just dosnt want to work ..mine was really beat up as it traveled on my keychain or man bag for its whole life ..i cant even remeber the year i bought it ..its over 8 yrs minimum
      It was dropped a zillion times ..and the anodozation was worn off …i used a split ring and a little metal caribineer to make an attachment point ..by slipping it on the body of the light and then screwing on the end cap…..it was a very heavily used flashlight .. and i certainly got my moneys worth out of it ..so it had every right to stop working …mark


  3. Kurt says:

    Hey Stick. One thing to add is the light also works with a AAA battery in a pinch.


  4. Great review. The only fault I could find with this light (I don’t own one – just basing it on your review and the specs) is the lack of a red light feature. When I get up at night or need a quick light in the tent I like the red-light feature on my headlamp so my night vision doesn’t get destroyed and ruin any star watching.


    • Stick says:


      I thought about the lack of a red light when I first bought it. While I am sure there is still some minor differences, I have found the lowest low setting is actually quite easy on the eyes at night. It projects the same amount of light as if it were a full moon, so not even close to blinding. Even when shined towards my eyes it isn’t an issue, at least for me. Now that I have actually used it, I have lost any concern of not having a red light. However, at times I have came across comments where people made a cap, or maybe a small band to fit over the light to give it a red tint. I don’t figure it would be hard to make one, may just take a bit to find something to make it from though… I may have to look into it one day, just to tinker with it…



  5. John says:

    Totally agree , it’s a great light . I’ve got the newer version which has a battery capacity indicator .This is the headband I use with mine , Nite Ize NPO-03-01


    • Stick says:


      They really are great lights. I have obviously been very happy with mine! And that is an interesting headband, looks like it likely cuts a little weight from the stock version. If you ever want to lighten that one up a bit though, give the version I have a try. Very likely to be one of the lightest headbands around, and it works great!



  6. Bayden says:

    Ya they make great lights. Liked my H51FW so much i ended up getting one of the H600’s with 18650 batteries. That one makes the H51 look like a candle in comparison 🙂


    • Stick says:


      Yeah the H600’s are a bit brighter, however, IME, I just never found myself needing more light than what the H51 offers. If I ever did though, I would definitely look at the ZebraLights. Honestly though, with the H600, I wish it didn’t limit itself to the 18650 battery. I understand the battery is one reason the light can be so bright, but it is also what pushes me away from wanting one. Being able to use AA batteries, and different versions of that battery, is why I like the H51/H52 version. If they could configure the H600 to use AA batteries, I think that would be the obvious next step up… Just my opinion though.



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