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Tagged: My 3 Favorite Bushcraft Items

A few months ago, Brian Green tagged me in his write-up, “My Three Favorite Bushcraft Items.” I’ll admit, the reason it has taken me a bit of time to respond was because it was a difficult tag (at least for … Continue reading

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Unboxing the Spyderco Tenacious

I must admit, since picking up my Benchmade Griptilian knife, I have become a bit more interested in knives. I will also admit, Smokeeater908 sure has helped to fan this flame too… However, despite all my recent browsing through videos … Continue reading

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Unboxing of the Benchmade Griptilian 551 Knife

Up until a few months ago, I typically carried a Gerber Paraframe I knife as my EDC (Every Day Carry), but then I lost it… somehow. To be honest though, before getting the Gerber (about 2 years ago) I had … Continue reading

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What’s In My Pocket’s?

When preparing for a backpacking trip, I have found that not only is deciding what specific pieces of gear I need to carry vitally important, but that in order to have a good experience, I also need to take the … Continue reading

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Poll: Do you carry a knife/blade when backpacking?

In light of some recent comments on my Ka-Bar Mini Dozier Folding Knife post, I decided to see how many backpackers carry knives or blades when backpacking. This is not about what kind of blade you carry, but more simply … Continue reading

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Ka-Bar Mini Dozier Folding Knife

Meet the Ka-Bar Mini Dozier Folding knife. This is a small, lightweight knife that features a stainless steel blade and a plastic “Zytel” handle. The Mini Dozier also features a reversible thumb stud to assist in easy opening and a … Continue reading

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