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ZPacks Solo Plus Hexanet

A while back I sold my Hexamid Solo Plus tent, only to turn right around and pick up the tarp version. To be honest, for me, in wet conditions I found that dealing with the mesh floor on the tent is … Continue reading

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First Look at the Yama Mountain Gear Cirriform SW Tent

It’s finally here! (Not that I really had to wait too long…) Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I place a preorder for the new Yama Mountain Gear Cirriform SW Tent, and today it showed up on my doorstep! Now, … Continue reading

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Taping My Hexamid

A while back I picked up the ZPacks Hexamid Solo Plus Tent, which has replaced my SMD Skyscape Trekker as my solo tent. When the tent arrived it was not seam sealed, so I had to seal the tent myself. … Continue reading

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More on the ZPacks Hexamid Solo Plus Tent

A number of people have made recent inquiries as to how I liked my ZPacks Hexamid Solo Plus tent and what are my thoughts on it. So, this morning I weathered the storm and made another video…

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ZPacks Hexamid Solo Plus Tent w/ Beak & Ground Sheet

12/16/11: I placed an order for the Blast 30 backpack and a Multipack along with some other smaller items. I requested to receive the items by 1/10/12 for an expected trip. 12/30/11 (approximately 6 pm): I placed an order with … Continue reading

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Seam Sealing the SMD Skyscape Trekker

When I ordered my Skyscape Trekker from Six Moon Designs I opted not to have them seam seal it. I figured that I could save the money and do it myself. Up to this point I have seam sealed a … Continue reading

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