Mont-Bell UL Down Inner Jacket

Layering. I have found that this is what it is all about if I want to stay warm on those cold nights. Every since I realized this I had been eyeballing these Mont-Bell jackets, wanting to add one to my layering system. And just a few weeks ago, I was able to do so.

Initially I wanted the Ex Light. This was because I was wanting to go as light as possible. However, the same as with my NeoAir, I decided that they were so light I would go ahead and get what I really wanted. In the NeoAir, it was the regular size mattress rather than the small. As for the Mont-bell jackets, it was the one with pockets, the UL Down Inner.

Since I have received this jacket, I have hardly taken it off. It is very light, and so very comfortable. The sizing is nice in that it doesn’t feel too bulky while wearing with only a short sleeve shirt, nor does it feel too snug while layered over other layers, or even under my GoLite Tumalo jacket for that matter.

Concerning function, it is very warm. I have worn it in temperatures in the high 20’s with only a short sleeve shirt underneath and been fine. It also blocks considerably more wind than I had anticipated it would. I have even worn it in a light mist and it did a good job at beading the water. Although, I was only walking across a long parking lot to my car in the mist, so it was not a prolonged amount of time, but it still did good. Oh, and did I mention, it’s super-light?!

So, anyway, here is a video I made this morning showing it off…

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