ZPacks Cuben Fiber Pack Cover

Some like a pack cover while others detest them. Me? Well, I like them. Don’t get me wrong though, I still use water “resistant” sacks inside my pack to help ensure my nice new down stays dry so that it will perform when I need it too. But I also like a pack cover because it helps to keep the pack itself dry, as well as anything that is in the outside pockets. But, there is one twist, water will still get to the pack because the water will run between my back and the back of the pack. So, no. It is not a perfect system. But, just to add to that, my nice new ULA Circuit is made of dynema gridstop which is pretty darn water “resistant” as well, so there.

So, on with it… I am still trying to get my “kit” lighter and better. When I came across the ZPacks Cuben Fiber Backpack cover, well I felt like it was something that I “needed.” Now that I have it, I am glad that I “needed” it because, well,  it is pretty darn cool. So, check out my video and let me know what you think. And if you are interested, just type “www.zpacks.com” into the little address bar at the top of the screen, click on the “Accessories” tab and then the “Cuben Fiber Pack Covers” tab and get one for yourself!

5 Responses to ZPacks Cuben Fiber Pack Cover

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  2. Casey says:

    Hey Stick,

    I got the 18″X36″ pack liner from Lawson Equipment today. http://lawsonequipment.com/

    It it awesome! No seam sealing required and mine weighs 1.7oz. Craftsman appears to by high quality; I’m looking forward to testing it out sometime this summer. I recommend this pack liner.

    Thanks again for the clarification the other week,


    • Stick says:


      Awesome! I will hopefully one day own one of his dry sacks… and since I have started using my full size dry sack in my pack, I think I always will. It really seems to work as a system for me.

      Anyway, glad you like it!



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