“Stick’s Blog” is my own personal blog that I have created based on my own personal experiences while backpacking, hiking or camping. I include both general information based on my experiences as well as links to outside sites which provide additional information on these topics. These outside links are provided for the readers convenience and I do not hold any responsibility for the information or content included in these sites. As well, by providing this information, I do not assume any liability for the information, or the use of this information by you, the reader.

Hiking and backpacking have potential hazards involving risk of injury or death, and each person participating in these activities needs to understand the risks involved, obtain the necessary training and take the needed precautions. Also, as a reader, you recognize this, assume all risks of property damage, personal injury and death, and agree to hold myself or my blog harmless from any liability as a result of your interpretation, or use, of this information provided within these pages.

I am not an expert on these topics, however, I have taking a great interest in the subject, so the advice given here should not be taken as expert advice, nor relied on as such. The original information contained within this blog is based on my opinions, beliefs and experiences of both myself and the subject.

1 Response to Disclaimer

  1. Tawnee says:

    I keep getting return to sender when i try to email you something at MyGearReviews@Backpackgeartest.org.

    Do you have another email? Feel free to email me at Tawnee@planetgear.com


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