Three Hundred Zeroes

Lessons Of The Heart On The Appalachian Trail

If you are looking for a book that is fun and easy to read, as well as tells a great story filled with everything from laughs to useable information while actually hiking the Appalachian Trail, then this is your book! Many people have written books on their AT thru hike, and this is Dennis’ hike, and it should not be missed!

For anyone that is familiar with thru-hiker lingo, then you can probably figure out what the title stands for. But for those that don’t, a Zero is a day in which a thru-hiker does not hike, for one reason or another. Usually a hiker will come to a town and decide to hang out for a day to recuperate, wash clothes, eat at restaurants, sleep in a bed and to resupply. How many times a hiker decides to do this all depends on the hikers needs, and usually on monies allotted for the hike. According to the title of this book, Dennis took 300 Zeroes, but it wasn’t to resupply.

Dennis tells his story of hiking the trail, literally straight from the heart. He has a way with words, which flow from page to page, making it hard to put down. Dennis weaves his trail stories just as the trail itself weaves its way through the mountains. Simply put, Three Hundred Zeroes has it all. It will definitely make you laugh and smile, and while I never cried during the reading, it did have its moments of concern.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone which plans to hike the trail, or even for those which have already hiked the trail. But wait, that’s not all! Dennis has written this book in such a manner that it would make an enjoyable read for anyone (not just hikers). So, be sure to add this book to your list and pick it up. You can even go to Dennis’ site, Three Hundred Zeroes, and order a signed copy.

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