Panasonic Lumix FH20

Last month I posted that my wife got me a new camera for Christmas. The cool thing is that she went ahead and let me have it when it came in! So, for about the past month I have been using the camera. I figure it is about time that I do a little review on the camera. (I must warn you here though, I am not a camera expert. I cannot tell you exactly what ISO is and what to set it on, among other settings, so my review will be very simple. I wanted a P&S that was simple to operate, takes good pictures and is small and light-weight.)I also got a few little extras with the camera. Since I am using it for backpacking she got me an extra battery to carry with me as well as a 8 GB Class 6 SDHC card to store my pictures and video on. Also, she got me a MountainSmith carrying case to haul it around in. These can be seen in the picture above (except the card which is in the camera). She also got me a LowePro HipShot 20 camera case which is not seen in the picture. It is simply a piece of neoprene with a cinch on the top. It is lighter than the MountainSmith carrying case, but of course does not offer the same features.

So, here is my video review of the camera…(and no, I did not use the actual camera to film the video review….)

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  1. nic Lumix FH20. Last month I posted that my wife got me a new camera for Christmas. The cool thing is that she went ahead and let me have it when it …


  2. Haha.. when I saw this post I just new I was going to have to tell you about the LowePro Hipshot 20, but you already have one!

    My wife got me the Panasonic Lumix FH1 for Christmas last year too. I believe it’s a step down from the camera your wife got you, but it still does everything I need it to. I know NOTHING about cameras though. I’m learning, but I think it’s as much of an art as it is a science. My strategy is to take LOTS of photos and hope I get one good one!


    • Stick says:


      I like the hipshot but I have come to not use a camera case period. In warmer weather I just stick the camera in my pants pocket. In colder weather I can use the chest pocket on my R1. This way I save weight too… 🙂

      As for the camera, I am not very familiar with all of the different brands myself. I just know that some other backpackers I know and trust had great things to say about this line of cameras, and even the particular one I have. Now that I have it I am very happy with it, however, there are some small, minor things I would change or have concerns about. My biggest hang-up with it is that it will not zoom once recording starts. It focuses before it begins and that is it until the recording stops. This means I cannot zoom in on something, but even worse for me and most of my videos, if I am shooting a video and get close to an object, it will not autofocus and the object becomes blurry. I always have to maintain the same distance for the full shoot. The other thing is that it makes a noise when I turn it on and the lens comes out. Like it has sand or something rubbing between the casing. This may be the case, I don’t know. But that may be my fault and not the cameras…

      Anyway, thanks again for stopping by and commenting!



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