Just a few short weeks ago I got my first hammock, a Grand Trunk Ultralight. I bought it used from a member over on Whiteblaze.net, complete with a suspension system.

After receiving it and trying it out a few times in my yard, I realized that I would appreciate the comfort of a hammock. I have enjoyed it enough that I have decided to create a heading for hammocking gear rather than include it with my general backpacking gear.

So, being a newb, I am not about to try to start educating, but at the same time I don’t want to leave this page blank. So, instead I will point you in the direction I started out in… and that is with Shug…

Shug offers a video series called “Hammock Hangin’ Shug Style…Essentials For Newbs” which has been of great help for me, so I wanted to pass it along. (And even if you are not a newb, I can pretty much guarantee you that you will still enjoy his videos, so go and check them out!)

So, anyway, Shug has all 10 of these videos on his YouTube page, but to make it even easier, he has included them all on a thread which is stickied over on Hammock Forums. Check it out here:

Video Series – Hammock Hangin’ Shug Style… Essentials For Noobs

This should definitely be enough to get anyone started.

Until then, I will create gear review sub pages off of this heading for all things that can be used when hammocking!

Thanks for reading!


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