’08 GSI Dualist Cookset

I went with the famed 2008 GSI Dualist Cookset to begin with.

2008 GSI Dualist Cookset

This is a 9 piece cook set which includes: A 1.8L Halulite (Hard-Anodized Aluminum) Cookpot with a rubber coated locking handle, a see-through lid which doubles as a strainer, 2 bowls, 2 cups with insulating sleeves, 2 snap closed sip-it lids and a welded stuff sack that doubles as a sink. All of this nest conveniently inside the cook pot and still leaves room for a stove and canister inside!

I bought this set for using when my wife or my son, or both, are along with me for a hike (which is just about every single time). The cups can actually be used as bowls if needed so it is like having set up for 4 people. My Optimus Crux folding stove, an 8 oz fuel canister, my windscreen and a regular Bic lighter easily fits inside the cook pot so it makes it very convenient having my whole kitchen in one spot.

I have used the cook pot for everything from boiling water to boiling red beans and rice. I have made good ole Mac-N-Cheese with tuna and cheesy rice with chicken amongst other things. I have managed to burn some of the red beans and rice and while the pot was easy enough to clean up, I can still slightly see where the rice was that burnt. Also, every since then the pot has had a faint red beans and rice smell to it.

I have really come to like the cook pot and the way everything compacts inside it. However, over time I have stopped carrying the bowls and the lids to the cups, and just carrying the cups themselves with the insulating sleeves. Not long after this I quit carrying the bowls or cups all together and have just started Freezer Bag Cooking (FBC), so all that I use now is the pot itself and the stuff sack. I don’t mind carrying the stuff sack, but if I am trying to go light, I will leave it as it serves no real purpose due to the FBC. (The pot and lid weighs 8.9 oz, and the stuff sack weighs 1.3 oz).

2 Responses to ’08 GSI Dualist Cookset

  1. Steven Smith says:

    Hey Stick,

    I just purchased a GSI Minimalist cook pot with a WBS Solo (hope the solo is the right size stove for the cook pot). I am looking for something that I can take out with my wife when we go out for an overnight to a weekend.

    Would you suggest the Dualist from GSI? Also, I am guessing that a cannister stove would work best if we plan on cooking in it at all. I usually freezer bag it when I am by myself. Just wonder your thoughts and what you and Mrs. Stick do. You still use this set? or do both of you just mountain house meals (or similar products)?

    Thanks for all the help.


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