REI Long Handle Ti Ware Spoon

My normal cooking consist of simply boiling water and adding the water to a Ziploc bag to let some food rehydrate. After doing this I simply eat from the Ziploc bag so that I don’t have to worry about carrying a bowl and better yet, cleaning that bowl! Up until now I have always used a normal size spork, and I have always found myself with my fingers inside the bag trying to get the food from the bottom and then I end up with food on my fingers, which is a mess. So, I decided to remedy this by getting the REI Long Handle Ti Ware Spoon.

So, a few things to think about concerning the spoon:

  1. The spoon is not a spork. It does not have tines or a serrated edge so its only function is that of a spoon. However, I have yet to find myself in need of a fork or even the knife that is offered on some sporks in the backcountry. However, the spoon looks like it will hold quite a bit of food, so it should be great to get a good bite when I want one!
  2. The spoon is about 2 inches longer than typical sporks / spoons. This is ideal for Freezer Bag Cooking because the extra length helps to get to the last little bit left in the bottom of the bag. Also, if I am cooking in a pot it is the perfect length to use to stir the food. However, the added length also makes packing the spoon somewhat more difficult than a regular size spoon. It cannot be packed inside a typical cook pot, and most likely will be loose somewhere inside my pack.
  3. For the gram counters, this spoon is slightly heavier than most regular sporks. The REI Long Handle Ti Ware Spoon weighs in at 0.5 oz on my scales. Even though the spoon is made of titanium, the length of the spoon adds a little more weight. My Light My Fire sporks are about 0.2 oz lighter than this spoon. Just saying…

Some things I will be looking for in this spoon is how well the spoon handles heat. I don’t want to be holding onto a hot spoon while I am trying to eat. Titanium can get hot, but it can also cool down fairly fast so I am wondering how it will do. Also, the spoon seems somewhat flimsy, however just applying a little pressure to it doesn’t cause it to bend. I am concerned about this since it will be in a pocket in my pack. I don’t want to pull out the spork getting ready to eat after a long day of hiking and then realize that my spork is a mangled mess (worst case scenario, obviously).

So, anyway, I am excited about the spoon and plan on eating lots of good meals with it. I will be sure to post more about it later.

8 Responses to REI Long Handle Ti Ware Spoon

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  3. I have this spoon too, and I think it’ll be useful for eating out of bags. I have no idea who made the original long handled Ti spoon, but I’ve seen several vendors selling a spoon very similar to this one. What I really like best about this REI version is that the spoon surface is polished, and not brushed. Some vendors sell versions of this spoon with a brushed finish on the spoon surface, and I think that would be harder to clean, and would feel weird in my mouth. I think it’s worth the extra to get the polished finish.

    Also, it’s worth noting that all the Ti silverware I have with leave “marks” on stone ware. I know that no one carries stone ware on the trail, but if you’re just playing around with your spoon, and eat your whatever while at home out of your wife’s Fiesta ware, it’s going to leave “marks”. Needless to say, my wife did NOT find that amusing. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

    Thanks again for all the videos, information,and the blog.


    • Stick says:


      This spoon rocks for freezer bag cooking! And thanks for the tips (or cautions) about using the Ti ware on stone ware. I have never used it with any of our dishes at home, and I will be sure not to now… So, really, my wife thanks you for the tip! 🙂



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