Cups / Mugs

Not everyone decides to take a dedicated cup or mug with them on a backpacking trip, some like cook pots that double as a cup while others will carry a dedicated cup or mug. There are benefits to each method, it really just depends on what fits your need when deciding on what to take.

By carrying a small cook pot that doubles as a mug of course saves on weight savings as well as space savings. However, by doing this there are some disadvantages to consider as well. For one, if the cook pot is too large, it may just simply feel weird drinking from a huge “cup.”  Also, if you are using this method, chances are you are probably FBC, which means you may have to boil water more than once (once for the meal, and then again for water to make a hot drink with). Another thing to consider is that chances are, your cup will be stored away inside your pack and likely with the rest of your kitchen stored inside it. What does this mean? Well, you don’t have quick access to your cup if you want to use it for a drink. Now typically, this isn’t a problem, but I have read in some places the water is able to be scooped out of a stream and simply drank from. (I am not encouraging anyone to drink from a stream without treating it first though!) Just saying…

Of course it is right the opposite if you carry a dedicated cup. Basically more luxury is afforded with a weight and space penalty. But cups can be so lightweight that it actually isn’t much of a weight penalty, and actually stuff can be packed inside the cup if inside your pack so a minimal amount of space can be required as well.



2 Responses to Cups / Mugs

  1. laizahgrace says:

    It is indeed a bit odd if you will bring an extra large cooking pot on your backpacking trip as it would occupy much space and weight. I think it would be better if you just bring with you a nice mug that is just the right size as long as it would be as useful as the cooking pot.


  2. It is really a little bit odd if you will be bringing a quite large cook pot on a backpacking trip. I think it’s better to bring a nice mug that is just the right size and fits the same purpose as the cooking pot.


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