Mora Clipper 840

Mora Clipper 840 (Carbon Steel)

A while back I decided that I wanted to buy one of the Mora knives for a few reasons such as they are fixed blade knives, light-weight, strong, and quite inexpensive. So while on a trip to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park I stopped in at a knife store and found one. I decided to get the Classic Mora knife which features a wooden handle and does not have a finger guard. (Read more on my review of this knife here.)

Recently I took another trip to the Smokies and I again stopped at the knife store. However, this was not a stop just to browse, I again knew which knife I wanted. The Mora Clipper 840 as seen in the picture at the top. Don’t get me wrong, I love the classic Mora that I have, but in actuality, the Clipper is a safer knife, for me.

The Clipper offers a rubber grip rather than a wood grip. Obviously, the rubber grip will allow me to hold onto the knife much easier and especially so in wet conditions, whether it is from rain or from sweat. Also, the Clipper has a small finger guard. Again, another way to help protect my little fingers from slipping off the handle and slicing through them. However, the business end of the Clipper is the same strong and durable carbon steel which is on my Classic Mora.

In other comparisons, the Clipper is just a little bigger and heavier than the Classic, but not by much. The Classic is a sleek design that is just pretty to look at, while the Clipper is a little beefier and even tougher looking. But in the end, I would hate to be on the wrong end of either of these knives…

So, here are some specs on my Mora Clipper 840:

  • Knife only weight: 2.6 oz
  • Sheath only weight: 1 oz
  • Total weight: 3.6 oz
  • Handle only length: 4 3/4 inches
  • Blade only length: 3 7/8 inches
  • Blade width: 7/8 inches
  • Total length: 8 1/2 inches
  • Handle material: Rubber
  • Blade material: Carbon Steel

This knife came with a hard black plastic sheath. The sheath has a drain hole in the bottom and has a clip on the top end. The clip is an open clip so that it can easily be slid on or off a belt or a pair of pants, or really anything you may want to clip it on to. Also, with this sheath, the Clipper will actually lock into place when inserted into the sheath. Granted it is not super tight, but it will not fall out if held upside down.

As far as the blade, I did have the knife resharpened before I left the store. I wish I had done the same when I had bought the Classic Mora since it was not as sharp as I had hoped for, and I do not know how to properly sharpen these knives yet, but I decided I would do so this time. According to the video that Jason Klass did, it looks like when the knife was resharpened the Scandi grind was turned into a compound bevel. This is fine with me. I figure that at this point it probably wouldn’t take much to get the Scandi grind back, but it’s sharp and I am happy.

Another thing about the knife blade. All of the blades on the Clippers that they had already had rust spots on them. Nothing bad, but definitely noticeable, so my first priority is to get the knife repolished and then to keep the blade oiled and cleaned. I may try to put a patina on it, but I will see.

Anyway, the knife was $11 or $12 and I am pleased with it. Of course I have not used it yet, so after I take it out and cut down some trees I will post an update on it.

Til then… thanks for reading.

3 Responses to Mora Clipper 840

  1. Amber Hampton says:

    Great review! I have been looking for other reviews on other Mora knives. Thanks


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