Frosts Mora Knife

Last weekend on my way back from the Smokies my buddies and I stopped at the huge knife store just outside Pigeon Forge. When I walked in I decided to ask and see if they had any of the Mora knives. Every since I watched Jason Klass’ video on the Mora knife I had decided that I wanted one. The features that attracted me are:

  1. Fixed Blade (No moving parts to break – or to chop off my fingers!)
  2. Light-weight
  3. Classic look
  4. Wooden handle
  5. Strong / hard / durable blade that will hold an edge
  6. Inexpensive

So I approached one of the many booths inside the store and asked the question: “Do you carry any of the Mora knives?” And to my surprise the man shook his head and directed me to another counter. Upon approaching the next counter the lady directed me on the far side of the counter and then pulled out a large piece of styrofoam with about 15 knives sticking out of it, all of them were Mora’s. I quickly scanned them and almost instantly saw the one that I wanted.This was the same blade as the one that Jason Klass reviewed in his video. I inquired as to the price and was excited to hear $11.99! So, I took it. The lady showed me a small fine Lansky diamond grind to sharpen the knife with so I got it as well. So I headed home with my new knife. After getting it home I weighed it and measured it and this is what I came up with:

  • Knife only weight:  2.2 oz
  • Sheath only weight:  0.7 oz
  • Total Weight:  2.9 oz
  • Handle only length: 4 inches
  • Blade only length: 3 7/8 inches
  • Total length: 7 7/8 inches
  • Handle material:  Wood (Red Birch ~ Assumed)
  • Blade Material:  Carbon Steel (Assumed ~ Laminated Carbon Steel)

As you may notice, I have some assumptions. The reason I assume this is because the exact model was not identified whenever I purchased the knife. The only identification on it is the Mora emblem stamped into the blade (as seen in picture at top of the post), the Mora emblem on the plastic sheath, and a sticker with a bar code and simply “Frosts Mora” printed on it, which is now in the garbage. From what I can gather the S 1 series may actually be discontinued and difficult to come by however the Classic 1 Mora Knives are still available. I believe that the Classic is a Carbon Steel only blade while the S 1 is a Laminated Carbon Steel blade. (By this I mean that the core is Carbon Steel and there is a softer steel laminated around the inner Carbon Steel. This results in a longer life for the knife by holding an edge longer and being less brittle.)

Anyway, I still have much to learn about these knives, such as learning to sharpen the unique Scandi Grind edge that is on these knives as opposed to the more popular compound bevel. But for now, I am very happy with my new knife. The knife itself is actually lighter than my Gerber Paraframe knife however with the sheath the Mora will be about 0.3 oz heavier, so no biggie. I plan to secure the knife to my backpack strap (blade pointing up ~ I know, that sounds dangerous…) so I will have to come up with a different sheath to strap the knife in and not be able to fall out.

For now though, I am happy with the new knife. And like I said at the beginning of the post, I was turned on to this knife by Jason Klass. So I will leave the post with Jason’s video which is what intrigued me (and will probably explain the knife better than I have…)

5 Responses to Frosts Mora Knife

  1. Grip it with your pinky curled off and behind the handle back end — safer.


  2. Joe says:

    Good Write up on the Mora Knives. Im a big fan too – I’ve recently started to whittle wood to pass time on my camping trips and found them to be one of the better knives for the task. Also, this was one of the first knives I could actually shave with as it came from the store…Unfurtunatly it got dull after awhile and I havent been able to put a great edge on it since.


    • Stick says:


      I haven’t put my Mora on the sharpener yet, but I need too… But yes, they are nice knives. A lot of bushcrafters seem to like them, so that must mean something…



  3. Bob Shaver says:

    Stick: Nice write up on Mora knives. I saw the link to your site on, discussing ultralight knives. I wrote a similar piece on the Mora on my blog, located here:

    I have a lot of other knives, but the Mora has to go on all trips.

    I propose that we add each other to our blog’s blog roll, as we have similar tastes in many things related to hiking. My homepage is here:


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