Blue CCF Pad

I wasn’t real sure about a sleeping pad when I first started out. I thought they were more luxury than necessity, and while some may argue that they are, I have come to the conclusion that they are necessity. Especially in colder weather. And since I have decided to use one I may as well get one that is comfy!

The first pad I bought was one of the full length Blue CCF (Closed-Cell Foam) Pads.

Blue CCF Pad

It did not take me long to figure out that these were not very comfy. The pad did ok as an insulation layer, but in my opinion it is only good for temps as low as mid 30’s  to 40’s or so. Since then I have moved on to other pads due to the comfort issue, however I have used the blue ccf pad under other pads in cold weather. I have actually cut up one of them into squares that I take with me as seats on hikes. I also realized that I did not like carrying this pad because of it’s bulk. It fits fine on the outside of a pack, but if I needed to put my rain cover on my backpack, the pad made it almost impossible to do so.  I soon moved on to another pad.

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