Therm-A-Rest Z Lite

After I got sleeping pads for the wife and I, I figured I should get a pad for my son. So I turned to the forums again and bought a new small Therm-A-Rest Z Lite from one of the members for a very nice price.

Therm-A-Rest Z Lite

My son loves this pad. And I love it for its weight, or the lack of much of it. It is a small amount of weight which is great for an 8 year old boy to be carrying. It is, however, a little awkward to tote on a pack because of its bulkiness, and again it creates the potential for a difficult time at using a rain cover on a backpack while carrying this pad on the outside of your pack. However, in terms of comfort, I am very impressed. It is much more comfy than I had anticipated. I would definitely consider using this pad if I didn’t mind the bulk.

3 Responses to Therm-A-Rest Z Lite

  1. kytrailnotes says:

    We just purchased one of these as well. We plan to use it under our Big Agnes Insulated Air Core pads (we have another CCF Thermarest that we’ll use too). Have you tried the Big Agnes? It’s like sleeping on a cloud 🙂


    • Stick says:

      I have not used the ZLite myself other than just laying around the house or whatever on. This pad is actually my son’s pad, but he absolutely loves it. (Of course he will accidentally roll off of it in the middle of the night and wake up on the ground and be happy too.) If you are looking for something to simply boost your insulation value I would suggest checking out the Gossamer Gear ThinLight pads. I only have one (the 1/8″) but it is great. Very light (1.7 oz) and packs down small.
      I have not tried the BA pads, but I do have the Exped SynMat which is essentially the same thing. I do like the pad, but I have found the horizontal baffles such as that in the Neo are the ticket for me. I plan to see about getting Bender from Kooka Bay to make me one with the horizontal baffles, however, the new All Season NeoAir looks to be pretty promising too…


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