Outsak Animal Resistant Storage Bag

The Original Outsak (Large)

I had read about these a few times on some forums, but never put any thought into them until a buddy asked me to tag along for a hike at the Grand Canyon last year. In our planning I came across these again, and did put some more thought into it. And it didn’t take much to realize that this is a very sensible storage bag.

We did not go on our trip (it would have been the middle of July!) but I still couldn’t take my mind off of this bag. So, I decided what the heck. I ordered the Outsak Animal Resistant Storage Sack in a size large from Simple Outdoor Store. This bag seemed to make a great bear bag. It does not claim to keep bears out, that precaution is all in the technique used to hang the bag, but it did keep out the little rodents that would crawl down the lines and attack the food bag.

In short, this bag has been great. I love it. I can hang my food with no worries of losing it to the wilderness animals. Not only that, the service was super! I received the bag 3 days after I ordered it. I would definitely recommend these bags to anyone. I did write a review of this bag and it can be read here.

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