ZPacks Cuben Fiber Stuff Sacks

The little things in a pack can add up, so it’s those little things that sometimes need addressing. In this case, the little things I have addressed are my stuff sacks which seem to weigh very little already. But rather than getting rid of them completely, I simply replaced them with cuben fiber stuff sacks from ZPacks, and now they weigh even less! Granted it is not a huge weight savings, but on the trail where every ounce is counted, it is worth your while to evaluate everything. So, I have evaluated my stuff sacks, and here are my findings, as well as my savings:

So, in case you missed it from the video, here is the breakdown:

Sierra Designs “Ditty Bag” 0.5 oz ~~> ZPacks Mini CF SS: 0.07 oz = 0.43 oz savings!
Evernew Cook Pot SS: 0.5 oz ~~> ZPacks Cook Pot CF SS: 0.1 oz = 0.4 oz savings!
Mont-bell Down Parka SS: 0.3 oz ~~> ZPacks Small Plus CF SS: 0.2 oz = 0.1 oz savings!
MYOG Sil Clothes Bag: 0.6 oz ~~> ZPacks Medium CF SS: 0.25 oz = 0.35 oz savings!
OR Dry Sack: 2.6 oz ~~> ZPacks Large Blast CF Food Bag: 0.8 oz = 1.8 oz savings!

Total Before Change: 4.5 oz ~~> Total After Change: 1.42 oz = 3.08 oz savings!

Let me say here that I don’t expect to put my pack on and feel a difference in my overall weight from saving 3 oz from my stuff sacks, but like I said, it all adds up. I start by cutting a few oz here, then a few oz there, and before I know it, I am counting the savings in pounds. And I may not even notice a difference in only a couple of pounds, but then again I may. Ultimately though, it will be lighter, and that much closer to being even lighter as I continue to adjust all of my gear.

Right now, I am around a 15.5 pound base weight for temps down to single digits, and during the summer months, I will be around 11 pounds and I am super happy with this weight. I have a few items that can be called luxury items, such as a pillow and there are things I could continue to do to drop even more weight (such as leave the stuff sacks at home) but this is what works for me. I am sure that time will change these things, one way or another, but this is the path I am on for now…

As for the stuff sacks, Joe at ZPacks is a great guy, and his products are just as awesome. His cuben fiber stuff sacks are of great quality and his prices are rather easy on the wallet (especially when compared to other similar stuff sacks)! So, if you are looking for some sweet stuff sacks to lighten your load and not your wallet, be sure to go check out ZPacks.

Thanks for reading!


4 Responses to ZPacks Cuben Fiber Stuff Sacks

  1. Paul says:

    Hey Stick,

    Since I know you have a good set of zpacks stuff sacks and a Marmot Hellum as I do, I was curious as to what stuff sack size you’d recommend for that bag and/or what you use? I have a pack liner so I probably was looking to get a stuff sack not a dry sack.



    • Stick says:


      I would likely go with the medium plus size… the medium may work, but you can always smash the slightly larger one a little if needed. As for me, I generally just stuff the bag in the pack liner (I use a LiteTrail pack liner). If I do use the stuff sack (very rare) I will just use the supplied stuff sack.

      Hope this helps.



  2. Vince says:

    Hey stick, just wanted to let you know in case you needed some more cuben sacks, backcountry has a pretty big assortment right now available for a good discount from granite gear. Search “ctf3”. I opted for an 18 liter over the blast bag from zpacks since GG offers a lifetime warranty.


    • Stick says:


      Thanks for the heads up. And I actually have the 10L (non eVENT bottom) one. I bought it a few years ago and have been using it as a food bag for shorter hikes. It works pretty well, although, I have a few holes in it which have been repaired with cuben tape.

      As for GG vs ZPacks, if the GG ones are discounted pretty heavily, then they are worth it, however, for the $40+ that they are normally asking for them, I say go with ZPacks all day long! ZPacks warranties their gear for up to one year, and even after then, they will still work with you to get repairs done, and depending on the situation, possibly still for free. Also, the ones from ZPacks are made of slightly thicker cuben, which will be a bit more resistant to those holes… Not to mention, it’s nice to support the little guys, making stuff right here in the USA…



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