Appalachian Trail

This is the trail that has drawn me to hiking. Granted I was led into this trail by hearing about the Mt LeConte shelter in March of 2009 while on a trip to Gatlinburg. So, while it wasn’t the very first thing that drew me into hiking, it is what really grabbed my attention, and has created a longing inside of me to hike.

The Appalachian Trail (AT) is the long trail on the east coast. There are others, but this one takes the cake. From GA to MA, the trail is roughly 2,175 continuous miles and passes through 14 different states. It is marked with white blazes, hence the “White Blaze Fever.”

There is so much to know about the Appalachian Trail, I really do not know where to begin. But I will say this, start digging it up, cause it is well worth it. With that said, here is a great place to start:

Georgia to Maine

3 Responses to Appalachian Trail

  1. Karen Lee says:

    Hey! I stumbled across this blog via google, this is awesome! I don’t know where to begin! I want to talk to you about everything!!! I have been dreaming and planning my thru-hike since I was…twelve? I promised myself I would graduate college and save my nickles before I left.(Really, I promised my parents all that, I have a theater degree…who am I kidding? It was the fastest way I could graduate.) I am finally here, I graduated in December and now I am spending the year planning so that I can depart from Springer on March 5th, 2013. Seems like your plans are similar although I did not see an exact date.
    I would really enjoy emailing back and forth about mail drops, equipment, and so on. I am wondering with the big fiasco about the Postal Service, consolidating so many small offices, how that will effect us in 2013.
    I think the best advice my friend, Prairiedog, ever told me was “no matter how much planning you do- it all goes to hell in a week.” I think it is sound advice…I am still going to plan.


    • Stick says:


      So glad that you made it by my site!

      Sounds like you have been planning your trip for quite a while. I know that you are really starting to get excited…especially right now with everyone else posting their final plans and getting ready to hike out…

      As for me, I am not going to be heading out in 2013. To be honest, I cannot be away from my family for that long. I found this out on a simple solo hike not too long ago…heck, a few days and I am missing them like crazy… So, as bad as it may sound, I need to condition myself from being able to be away from them for longer periods of time… This would be quite a lot of planning and work to go down the hole if I headed out and then came home from being home sick…

      Don’t get me wrong though, I still fully plan to hike the trail, but unfortunately it will be a little while longer…

      If you would like to contact me about any questions, feel free to do so, or you can simply post them here on my page. Either way will be fine with me…

      And Prairiedog has some good advice… Plans will not go as planned, but at the same time I would not recommend going out without some sort of a plan…

      Good luck with your hike, and thanks for stopping by…



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